Tuesday, August 23, 2016

on the road to salin part 3 (finally)

sorry!! no no! don't pummel me! please! sorry for disappearing for so long blogger was acting up on me!!!!:0     sooooo sorry!!  but here's the post......


Maria closed her eyes why had she requested this job again? her nuckles stung from the rough cloth rubbing against her hands all day
after all the work was done, (like at 12:00 pm) maria collapsed on the thin floor mat she had as a bed, she watched the flame of her candle till it snuffed out, then she slipped out of bed.

Maria grabbed a flashlight put on her coat and slipped outside,
she walked and walked,
     till the morning.


sorry that was so short, even now I'm taking the pics for the next part.


  1. ooh, yay! next part next part! *actually reads post* cool! is she running away again?
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  2. yep!! the next part is very exiting!!:D