Thursday, July 28, 2016

on the road to salin part 2

the next morning, Maria decided she'd better eat the other half of her granola bar before she hit the road. after shed finished she walked through the woods until she bumped into a highway, Maria decided to follow it  it looked.............. abandoned. Maria figured it couldn't hurt....  she started to walk

after three hours of endless walking, maria was hot and sweaty, she felt like she hadn't eaten in years, her stomach was making a noise that people could probably hear for miles around.

She spotted a convenience store and decided to take a rest, Maria bought a mini freeze pizza to have for lunch, she ducked between two buildings.
after eating Maria sat in the sun in one of the outdoor chairs, she emptied her bag and counted her belongings,
a small locket with a picture of her mother, and one of her father,
a pink eraser her smaller sister used to clutch tightly in her small sweaty hand,
a harmonica her older brother used to play every night,
three granola bars,
twenty two dollars, (left over from when she bought the mini pizza)
 a bag of  cranberry's,
and six plastic spoons.

Maria packed up the things. she started to walk over a field of dandelions, Maria watched the afternoon sun, she lay down in the grass and dozed off.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

warrior, a photoshoot

here's a photo shoot, It's  fairly short buuuut...... I thought it was pretty good, here you go.......

And there you go! actually it was just to advertise a new outfit iv made.   ;)


Monday, July 25, 2016

on the road to salin, part 1

I know, totaly unexpected! I mean suddenly a new photo story! its like BAM! wait............... ok sorry.
well I did tell olive that maybe I would write a photo story,  I'm pretty sure this will reach about..... 15 parts or more!      But now its time for the first part of The Road to Salin!


Maria took one more distasteful look back at the orphanage should she really do this?.......... .  .
Yes she should.
Maria stood in the darkness waiting until the line of kids passed by, she looked around waiting to see if anyone else would come.................. no one. Then Maria sprinted across the large courtyard she planned on walking all night.


In the morning she  found herself facing a large area of grass, fenced in, to keep wild animals out, and a gate at the other side.
she walked across
                                     after about an hour, sweat trickled down her neck in a cold ooze
here hair was coming un done and her stomach growled in hunger.

she slumped down by a tree and brought out a granola bar then she set up her bedding 
as the light faded Maria finaly felt the sense of freedom shed always longed for, in all her life she never felt this happy before.


how was that?  did you like it? please tell me down in the comments, thanks again! bye!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

on the road to salin part 3

SORRY!!!!!  don't  hound me!!!    I have a good excuse!  the pics weren't downloading and my mom didn't have time to help until today, please don't be mad!

                   Maria closed her eyes,  why did she apply for this job again? her nuckles stung as they 
rubbed against the rough cloth
      she scrubbed the wall some more, her hands were raw from holding up the cloth all day.
                    when she was done, Maria collapsed on her thin floor mat that the head servants had generously provided for her, her candle lit, she lay and watched the flame until it snuffed out.

she cautiously got up and grabbed a flashlight then she slipped on her coat and stepped out into the night.  
           she was still walking in the morning.

sorry that part was so short guys, but even now I'm working on the next part!

Maria's diary # second entry

     It's not that I don't like Mrs. Louise it's just that..... well she's a little um........... different. Mrs. Louise is our art teacher, sometimes............ there's stories about her, but really she's a pretty good art teacher. today there was a new girl at school her name is Matilda Marygold Elisibeth Jane well that's what she told me anyway, I just call her EJ.  Today we were doing  show and tell, I brought one of my best art pieces, what was strange though, was that EJ brought a silver colored stick with a jewel that looked real but was probably fake;     She didn't say much about it and I wondered why someone would bring something like that to show and tell. When the bell rang I was the last one in the line, when I was about to leave Mrs. Louise stopped me. "Maria," she said, "I need to talk  to you."


Wow,  another part done this is thrilling me, (I'm hungry,) I'm just making this up as I go along.

             Have a nice day, byyyyyeee!

first entry, # Maria's diary

hellooooooo!   I'm back, so sorry I took so long, I'm going to be introducing..... drum roll please.......Maria's diary!........yaaaaaay! woohooo! ooohh yeeeaaaaa!... .  .oh, uh... ehem, sorry.
Anyway..... it's going to be kind of like a story from Maria's point of veiw, (this is going to be awsome)

                                 Dear diary, today at school strange things were happening,
                   I thought I saw a leg dissapearing into a wall wearing Gabrella's sneaker!
                          also when I was walking on the sidewalk tward school I thought I saw mark walking
                over I looked away for a moment, pretending not to see him but when I looked up again
                                       all I saw was a dog.  Its just creepy..... And Bella!.......well you get the pictur
                               strange things....................

                                                                                                                                                                                                               I mean to find out more, but until then, I'm doing my homework   


ta daaaa! did you like it? well theres going to be more.