Saturday, July 23, 2016

on the road to salin part 3

SORRY!!!!!  don't  hound me!!!    I have a good excuse!  the pics weren't downloading and my mom didn't have time to help until today, please don't be mad!

                   Maria closed her eyes,  why did she apply for this job again? her nuckles stung as they 
rubbed against the rough cloth
      she scrubbed the wall some more, her hands were raw from holding up the cloth all day.
                    when she was done, Maria collapsed on her thin floor mat that the head servants had generously provided for her, her candle lit, she lay and watched the flame until it snuffed out.

she cautiously got up and grabbed a flashlight then she slipped on her coat and stepped out into the night.  
           she was still walking in the morning.

sorry that part was so short guys, but even now I'm working on the next part!

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