Monday, July 25, 2016

on the road to salin, part 1

I know, totaly unexpected! I mean suddenly a new photo story! its like BAM! wait............... ok sorry.
well I did tell olive that maybe I would write a photo story,  I'm pretty sure this will reach about..... 15 parts or more!      But now its time for the first part of The Road to Salin!


Maria took one more distasteful look back at the orphanage should she really do this?.......... .  .
Yes she should.
Maria stood in the darkness waiting until the line of kids passed by, she looked around waiting to see if anyone else would come.................. no one. Then Maria sprinted across the large courtyard she planned on walking all night.


In the morning she  found herself facing a large area of grass, fenced in, to keep wild animals out, and a gate at the other side.
she walked across
                                     after about an hour, sweat trickled down her neck in a cold ooze
here hair was coming un done and her stomach growled in hunger.

she slumped down by a tree and brought out a granola bar then she set up her bedding 
as the light faded Maria finaly felt the sense of freedom shed always longed for, in all her life she never felt this happy before.


how was that?  did you like it? please tell me down in the comments, thanks again! bye!


  1. that was amazing Hazel! I'm very impressed. :) :) :)

  2. sorry it was so short, I'l try to make the next one longer