Tuesday, August 23, 2016

on the road to salin part 3 (finally)

sorry!! no no! don't pummel me! please! sorry for disappearing for so long blogger was acting up on me!!!!:0     sooooo sorry!!  but here's the post......


Maria closed her eyes why had she requested this job again? her nuckles stung from the rough cloth rubbing against her hands all day
after all the work was done, (like at 12:00 pm) maria collapsed on the thin floor mat she had as a bed, she watched the flame of her candle till it snuffed out, then she slipped out of bed.

Maria grabbed a flashlight put on her coat and slipped outside,
she walked and walked,
     till the morning.


sorry that was so short, even now I'm taking the pics for the next part.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


heres an update...

Tory posted the second part  of secrets and olive posted several AWESOME things!!!!!!

smalldollsinabigworld is posting the finale parts of the guiding compass!

tomorrow I'm going to try as hard as I can to post the next part of the road to Salin.

today is my brothers birthday! aaaaannnndddddd........   sadly loren hasn't posted anything yet.....

and thats all I know right now hope you find that helpful!

hobbies for your doll

hi guys! today I didn't have anyting to post about but then I remembered these pictures! I took them a long time ago and Maria's hair is a bit deshoveled but I didn't have any time to take any more, sorry.

but here's Maria!

hi everyone! today I will be showing you some hobbies for your dolls, if you don't know (or haven't decided)  these might help.

first, (mine of course) ART  
            here's me painting,

then COOKING  here's a pie I made!

       then READING O MY GOSH!!!! I looooooooooovve reading!!!

                   this pic is a little blurry.....

             I do a lot of that!

and of course COMPUTER  DESIGNING!!!!!!!!!    "Maria!" but I had to make something colorful!
                          see? look! look! doesn't it look AWESOME!!!! yes that's very nice, but we have to get going! "ok" :(  bye bye!  byyyye!!


Saturday, August 13, 2016

my AG wishlist.....

here are some- well.... a lot of things that cach my eye on the AG website!

                             she would be named..........      Anna
                                  she would be Maria's twin sister.... I cant decide her name.

                            lillia, kindria, dorien, aaaannnnnnddd..... katie!



             and many more buuut..... I wont bore you.  bbyyyyyyeeee!    all pictures are from Americangirl.com

      like my new sighn off?

Friday, August 12, 2016

canva desighns looks professional!

here are some designs I made on canva.com  

                                     mid summer nights dream......
                           story dolls...............
                                little leaf....................
                    giant step..........

and thats about it! hope you liked that ~  hazel #`)2

the stone of the desert river # part 2

six years later................

Sarah was sweeping the floor,
when Emily burst into the room, "THEIR COMING!!!!!!!! th-their-c-c-coming th-their-"  "hold on a second" Sarah said "whats ging on!    "Carosee! their sending an army!" Emily shouted at the top of her lungs "HHEELLLLP!"
" Okay! okay! I'l go get Liz." Sarah finally said.    she ran to the grove where they still met,
"I heard!" said Liz, "lets go! "and Misty? and Carimel? what about them!" Emily asked, " their coming too! lets go!" was the reply.

they ran for their lives.
finally they came to a leather tent, Sarah walked up to the tent, "hello?" she called inside,
"what?!"a voice rite next  to her said, Sarah nearly jumped out of her skin, "dont do that!" she yelled.
" sorry," said the Indian  girl.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

playmobil photo story# the stone of the desert river part 1

Ok, I was just fiddling with my playmobil when suddenly I had the idea for this playmobil photostory!


Sarah was an orphan, she was ten years old, she lived with her uncle Sabastion, aunt rose, and her little sister emily. Sabastion was a jerk  he wold take the little allowence money the girls got, and spend it on fancy expencive clothes.
Sarah's hair had been a beautiful blond, but cince her pairents both died in a huge war it had turned darker and darker.

after Sarah was done with her many chores that day, she collapesd on her small floor mat, uncle Sabastion yelled at her, "dont be lazy!" he shouted, "sweep the floor you little twirp!"

of course aunt rose couldn't speak up for Sarah;  sadly, she had been marry'd off to uncle Sabastion.

when she got done with that, she fled, into a little glen where she usually met  Lizie, her best friend in the whole wide world, and misty Sarah's hoarse.
there Liz was, as usual. Misty was there too, calmly grazing on the soft lushes grass.

 "Hi" Sarah  said to Liz "Hello" Liz said back " you know, rumor has it that the kingdom of Carrosee
is sending an army to this town in several years time"  "Oh," Sarah said well maybe we can escape toggether"


       he he! next part on friday!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Randomly Updating on a Saturday

Woohoo! New Etsy shop, its going to be called Sparrow and Golden, well..... yea.
Anyway it's going to get its first item sometime soon, ( its going to be an AWESOME surprise, you're going to love it.

If you have not been on Olives blog
you should be checking it right now! she's been posting some awesome stuff over here!
Also, I made a swing for Maria. There will be a tutorial.
And that's  about all I can think of right this second, check back in later!