Friday, August 12, 2016

the stone of the desert river # part 2

six years later................

Sarah was sweeping the floor,
when Emily burst into the room, "THEIR COMING!!!!!!!! th-their-c-c-coming th-their-"  "hold on a second" Sarah said "whats ging on!    "Carosee! their sending an army!" Emily shouted at the top of her lungs "HHEELLLLP!"
" Okay! okay! I'l go get Liz." Sarah finally said.    she ran to the grove where they still met,
"I heard!" said Liz, "lets go! "and Misty? and Carimel? what about them!" Emily asked, " their coming too! lets go!" was the reply.

they ran for their lives.
finally they came to a leather tent, Sarah walked up to the tent, "hello?" she called inside,
"what?!"a voice rite next  to her said, Sarah nearly jumped out of her skin, "dont do that!" she yelled.
" sorry," said the Indian  girl.

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