Saturday, August 20, 2016

hobbies for your doll

hi guys! today I didn't have anyting to post about but then I remembered these pictures! I took them a long time ago and Maria's hair is a bit deshoveled but I didn't have any time to take any more, sorry.

but here's Maria!

hi everyone! today I will be showing you some hobbies for your dolls, if you don't know (or haven't decided)  these might help.

first, (mine of course) ART  
            here's me painting,

then COOKING  here's a pie I made!

       then READING O MY GOSH!!!! I looooooooooovve reading!!!

                   this pic is a little blurry.....

             I do a lot of that!

and of course COMPUTER  DESIGNING!!!!!!!!!    "Maria!" but I had to make something colorful!
                          see? look! look! doesn't it look AWESOME!!!! yes that's very nice, but we have to get going! "ok" :(  bye bye!  byyyye!!


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