Wednesday, August 10, 2016

playmobil photo story# the stone of the desert river part 1

Ok, I was just fiddling with my playmobil when suddenly I had the idea for this playmobil photostory!


Sarah was an orphan, she was ten years old, she lived with her uncle Sabastion, aunt rose, and her little sister emily. Sabastion was a jerk  he wold take the little allowence money the girls got, and spend it on fancy expencive clothes.
Sarah's hair had been a beautiful blond, but cince her pairents both died in a huge war it had turned darker and darker.

after Sarah was done with her many chores that day, she collapesd on her small floor mat, uncle Sabastion yelled at her, "dont be lazy!" he shouted, "sweep the floor you little twirp!"

of course aunt rose couldn't speak up for Sarah;  sadly, she had been marry'd off to uncle Sabastion.

when she got done with that, she fled, into a little glen where she usually met  Lizie, her best friend in the whole wide world, and misty Sarah's hoarse.
there Liz was, as usual. Misty was there too, calmly grazing on the soft lushes grass.

 "Hi" Sarah  said to Liz "Hello" Liz said back " you know, rumor has it that the kingdom of Carrosee
is sending an army to this town in several years time"  "Oh," Sarah said well maybe we can escape toggether"


       he he! next part on friday!


  1. hey olive! the jerk uncle is acctually THE BLOB!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! I will tell Ivy that you suggested the name 'Sabation' :D