Monday, September 19, 2016

NEWS! news! life or death situation! please read!!!

Today is talk like a pirate day!! if you didn't know here's how it works, 

1.go to krispy kream  and talk like a pirate, then they will give you 1 free doughnut!

2.ooorrrrrr...... go to krispy kream dressed like a pirate, (bring your family, friends, ect.)  and get A DOZEN FREE DOUGHNUTS!! for each person that dressed up!!!!!! 

3.they rolled out a new snap chat pirate face thingie and they will give you a dozen FREE doughnuts!
(if you show them a pic of you in the pirate face thingie)

ok I think I yelled enough for one day, I am now going to yell into a pillow, byyyyee!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

small snippet of a story

hey guys! just thought you would like to know, I'm writing a book and if you would like to hear a part of it I still have some editing to do but I hope you enjoy!


story by Hazel

my eyes flew open, no, no! why had she done it!
 images flashed through my mind as I slipped out of bed, I tiptoed through the hallway, as I passed my mom's room... "Beth sweetie" came her call through the closed door, "are you making my coffee?" "um, yea mom" I called back, I quietly went on through the hallway. 
 in the early morning light, I couldn't make out her shape, but as the sun rose I could tell...

                 she was gone.


also I had a soccer game today! we won!!
anyway next part of The road to Salin coming soon (sorry its so late but you'll get bored with me if I go ranting on) 

Friday, September 16, 2016

barefoot dancer

       hope you like those!!!

mid summer nigts breez

hi everyone! here's a fun  photo shoot!! I will be posting another one just after this one, so be ready!
        should I use this for Maria's new profile pic?
              or this one?

anyway, hope you liked those!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

fun little story (randome and hilarious)

one day I set out on a journey to find adventure,
I walked and walked........

 through dense forests....
  up high trees...
         finally I found a place to rest.....

          I picked an apple,  and sat down to eat.

             then I went on, 
                     I found a very deep pit :O
                       accidentally I fell in, *makes sad face*

       I had to sit there for five minutes, it was torture! I almost died from boredom
  finally someone came along and helped me out, he jumped into the pit and gave me a boost,
                                I thanked him and went on my way.
                   I climbed a tall building, I climbed,
 and climbed,
      and climbed! (don't ask me why I smiled I just have to smile for pics!)
                   but when I got to the top, it was worth the climb, the view was beautiful! my eyes watered just looking at it!
 when I turned around I was surprised to see... a duck!  I said hello but he didn't answer, I was so mad I tried to push him into a pit, but he was to big!
I pushed him over the side of the building instead.
  bye bye duck!
    I came to a vile beast!
  it looked straight at me!
      then it lunged! we wrestled......

   I ran for my life.
I came to a white carpet.....  at the end there was a throne,
on it was the man that saved me from the pit!!!!  I bowed, he gave me a puppy.
    also from behind the throne, there came... a shell headed guy!!!!!!:O
I said hello, he yelled.
I didn't know what to do so I punched him.
    then I ran for my life,
 when I got home I lay on a soft comfortable ma,t I hugged my puppy remembering the long event full day
      then I dozed of.

           bonus pics of my cat when she was smaller,

      sooooo cute!!!! :O:O:O