Monday, September 19, 2016

NEWS! news! life or death situation! please read!!!

Today is talk like a pirate day!! if you didn't know here's how it works, 

1.go to krispy kream  and talk like a pirate, then they will give you 1 free doughnut!

2.ooorrrrrr...... go to krispy kream dressed like a pirate, (bring your family, friends, ect.)  and get A DOZEN FREE DOUGHNUTS!! for each person that dressed up!!!!!! 

3.they rolled out a new snap chat pirate face thingie and they will give you a dozen FREE doughnuts!
(if you show them a pic of you in the pirate face thingie)

ok I think I yelled enough for one day, I am now going to yell into a pillow, byyyyee!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Maria! Kit here, YES!! We heard about that! mama went dressed as a pirate, with uncle Thorin and aunt Daisy, they were dressed up, and aunt Ivy came to, though she wasn't dressed up. AND GUESS WHAT?! When they got home, they had dounuts and hot chocolate, AND FORGOT TO GIVE ME ANY!!! >:[
    quite ticked off, -KIT