Saturday, September 17, 2016

small snippet of a story

hey guys! just thought you would like to know, I'm writing a book and if you would like to hear a part of it I still have some editing to do but I hope you enjoy!


story by Hazel

my eyes flew open, no, no! why had she done it!
 images flashed through my mind as I slipped out of bed, I tiptoed through the hallway, as I passed my mom's room... "Beth sweetie" came her call through the closed door, "are you making my coffee?" "um, yea mom" I called back, I quietly went on through the hallway. 
 in the early morning light, I couldn't make out her shape, but as the sun rose I could tell...

                 she was gone.


also I had a soccer game today! we won!!
anyway next part of The road to Salin coming soon (sorry its so late but you'll get bored with me if I go ranting on) 

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  1. good story. :)
    YAY! road to salin!!!! ;D
    Most crazily, ~Olive