About Me

here's some interesting stuff about me (I'm not going to tell you my address because then you'd come to my front door begging for autographs! :)

but what I will tell you is, first, the fun stuff I made up, and then the things that are, bragging rights,  and things I LOOOOOVV ^^ :3

first things first, imagination!

 1. I am a demigod, (not really)
2. I'm also a jedi! ( not really)
3. I was also ( wait for it)
an indian captive who lived in a tent with a baby, a mama, a dad, two brothers, and a sister!
also I ate beans and steak with every one and sng combaya! (not really)
ok, sorry
4. my favorite thing is lima beans.(not realy)

real stuff

I'm the oldest of five....
my favorite food is my moms home made curry......
I make proffesional looking desighns on canva.
I'm a HUGE star wars fan, also the Percy Jackson series! 

and that just about covers it folkes!

gbye! ^^ :3

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