Saturday, July 23, 2016

Maria's diary # second entry

     It's not that I don't like Mrs. Louise it's just that..... well she's a little um........... different. Mrs. Louise is our art teacher, sometimes............ there's stories about her, but really she's a pretty good art teacher. today there was a new girl at school her name is Matilda Marygold Elisibeth Jane well that's what she told me anyway, I just call her EJ.  Today we were doing  show and tell, I brought one of my best art pieces, what was strange though, was that EJ brought a silver colored stick with a jewel that looked real but was probably fake;     She didn't say much about it and I wondered why someone would bring something like that to show and tell. When the bell rang I was the last one in the line, when I was about to leave Mrs. Louise stopped me. "Maria," she said, "I need to talk  to you."


Wow,  another part done this is thrilling me, (I'm hungry,) I'm just making this up as I go along.

             Have a nice day, byyyyyeee!

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