Saturday, May 27, 2017

the road to salin part 4

seriously? I've only done that many parts? 😬

on with the story.

the princess's feet fell softly on the ground. she stared out into the distance, how many days now? seven? that long since she'd been away from the castle.

that long she'd been searching for her sister.

she tried once more, staring down at her feet and clenching her fists so hard that her fingernails left marks on her palms.

nothing happened. 
it was getting late, so the princess decided to rest for the night, she ducked behind a row of boulders and laid down. 

a pair of eyes watched her, they flitted across her body, alighting on her charm bracelet.
one charm in particular, a star.

ok, that was pretty short, and I think  the next post will be longer. 
I'll post it directly afterwards, so be ready! 😃

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