Wednesday, May 18, 2016


      Hello reader,  this is my first time writing in a blog, so it's very  exiting !

                   But now without further ado I present to you, my blog!      

                                                  this is maria
                                favorite food:pizza,  lasagna, and garlic bread
                                 favorite desert: ice cream, home made scones

                                 afraid of: hurricanes, and all major storms

                                siblings:  2

                                      this is ann, and willow
                                       ann is 2 years old

                                       willow is 6 years old

                              this is lilly she is my sisters doll

                                             favorite food: pizza, and hot-dogs,
                                             favorite desert : doughnuts, and pie,

                                            age 7

                                             afraid of: storms, and sharks,
                                                 siblings: 1

                                    This is Claire----

                                          She is 8 months old.

                     So I guess this is all, thank you for being my reader! it is such a privilige to write to you
                             since this is my first time actually writing a blog!
                                                  More is coming soon!

                                              Yours truly---  Hazel!

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